Expo & Conference Profile

Welcome to the PROsecurITy-Expo in Fuerstenfeldbruck at the gate of Munich West! Be inspired by our work and enjoy your visit.

These pages provide insight intot the new IT-Security Tradeshow and Conference that started out in 2015. Like what you see? Please visit us, join the show as exhibitor, speaker or guest and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Experiencing IT-Security live

The PROsecurITy is the new annual highlight for entrepreneurs, decision-makers, IT managers and interested visitors, located in the heart of southern Germany. Tradeshow and Conference offer insight to up to date exciting and important topics:

  • Protecting your own identity
  • Data Protection, Laws, regulations and certifications
  • Secure Managed Services, Secure Services for your IT
  • Industry 4.0, Smart Grid

Renowned experts from all over Germany offer valuable information and solutions for IT infrastructure, IT security and communications of our visitors and guests. The concept, the structure, carefully selected exhibitors and live hackings in a new dimension make the PROsecurITy to a unique experience for IT security to any visitor.

Addressing challenges to and for companies from the SME sector, we provide topical clusters in a high-profile event, fascinating talks and appropriate solutions that are presented comprehensibly for entrepreneurs and key decision makers with largely business focussed backgrounds.

The PROsecurITy has a clearly defined goal: to demonstrate safe and viable IT solutions for enterprises, which will optimize your operations and provide quality proven setups for your future.

IT Conference

The PROsecurITy Expo Information Technology Conference 2016 brings to you 35 expert presentations with exciting topics. These provide excellent insight into current challenges for entrepreneurs, executives, decision makers and managers.

In our first year 2015, we provided 75 presentations all about IT security, which have been enthusiastically received by the visitors. „A great IT event with many interesting and helpful discussions and presentations.“ Says, for example, a contract manager of Sana IT Services GmbH.

In our forums viable solutions will be presented to all visitors ensuring that these soultions meet the daily challenges your company faces. Especially for small and medium enterprises, we offer solutions with competent partners at top quality levels. The exhibition allows visitors to interact and gives you time and space to learn more about today’s challenges and solutions.

We are furthermore developing our concepts to include international partners and to promote the global dialogue on IT security.


Conference Topics in 2016

  • Forum Red: Cyber Security, Enterprise Security Suites, pen tests, Agencies & German Authorities, Internet of Things, Mobile Security, Consulting
  • Forum Blau: European IT Legislation, IT Security Act, Certifications, ISO standards, Risk Management
  • Secure Managed Services Forum, powered by Arosoft: Cloud Computing Solutions, Critical Infrastructure, Imageless Recovery, Back-up, Rollout Center, UTM Systems
  • PrivCom Forum: Hands-on Workshops on IT-Security Legislation and Certification Standards

Hier geht es zu den Vorträgen…

Why we do what we do

We have created a professional exhibition platform, in which all participants feel welcome – visitors and exhibitors alike. You, our exhibitors and visitors, are the actores in the security issues of tomorrow. We provide you with solution-oriented, precise, understandable tools.

In 2015, we succeeded with over 65 exhibition partners to demonstrate solutions for the Mittelstand, over 400 visitors came to the opening event. We are working hard on the program for November 2016 to early introduce our visitors the exhibition program.

Unlike a lot of other IT events the ProSecurity Expo shows not just problems, threats, and issues – we create the connection between the issue and the appropriate solution. Come for a visit and see for yourself – we look forward to seeing you.


Important information around the ProSecurity Expo

ProSecurity arrival

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ProSecurity exhibition floorplan

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ProSecurity Conference

The IT Conference offers great presentations and provides excellent insight into current challenges for entrepreneurs, executives, decision makers and managers.